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Lincoln Plastics Becomes Max I. Walker Uniform Services Customer

lincoln plastics

20 Employees Will Be Supplied with Floor Mats & Dust Mops

Max I. Walker Uniform Rental Service announces that it has acquired Lincoln Plastics as a new facility services customer. Sales Consultant Jeremy Webster met with the leadership team to inquire about the business' needs for entryway mats and dust control products, and was able to secure an agreement for services with the Lincoln-based manufacturing company after presenting information about Max I. Walker and how local vs. national uniform providers stack up.

Lincoln Plastics previously worked with a national uniform services provider, but made the switch to Max I. Walker Uniform Rental Service in May of 2019. Operations Manager Cory Hall said the company changed vendors because he likes the fact that Max I. Walker is family owned and locally operated. He also indicated he 'knows we do a good job with Duncan Aviation,' another uniform rental services customer.

The weekly deliveries will be serviced by Route Service Representative Bill Beiriger. Bill will deliver floor mats and dust mops each week, taking the soiled items from the previous week with him to be laundered. Learn more about how rental service works.