About Max I. Walker Uniform Rental Service

Learn More About Us & Our Company's History

Since 1917, five generations of the Walker family have served the retail, and then the commercial, laundry markets in Omaha and the surrounding areas. We started out in the dry cleaning business over 100 years ago, and expanded our customer offerings to include commercial laundry and the uniform rental service in the 1970s. Today, the fifth generation of Walkers is poised to take over the family business, and they are more committed than ever to innovation, longevity and providing a superior customer experience.

A family owned, locally operated uniform rental company like Max I. Walker ensures Nebraska and Iowa uniform customers have a choice. They can choose to keep their dollars local, and in return receive prompt service and experience excellent communication, while still paying a competitive rate for uniform rental, floor mats and rugs, and restroom products. We offer everything the national uniform companies do, yet we remain reliable and steadfast.

We Walk the Walk(er)

  • Max I. Walker Uniform Rental Service employees wear the same uniform items we rent to customers, and they are laundered in the same facilities
  • We place the same floor mats we provide to customers in our own retail stores
  • We utilize the same restroom products and dust control items we provide to customers in our own facilities
  • Every member of the Walker family personally stands behind Max I. Walker Uniform Rental's service, products and promises

Why Max?

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