Max Traxx® RFID Tracking System

RFID Automation Means Better Accuracy For You

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Many of the national uniform rental providers have not yet invested in the RFID Tracking Technology that will make their customers' lives so much easier. They choose to still manually identify garments by bar code or garment label. This leads to a very high error rate in garment tracking, which translates to misplaced or unaccounted for uniform items and frustrated customers.

Max I. Walker Uniform Rental is proud to offer the Max Traxx® Radio Frequency Identification Tracking Program for our garments.

We’ve invested to provide even better customer service with Max Traxx®, a program that uses these RFID tags to track your uniforms while they are being processed in our laundry facility. With the program, we insert a small tag into every single uniform item, and that tag is scanned when the garment enters our facility to be processed, and again when it leaves. These processes guarantee proper tracking and accountability of your uniforms.

No more wondering where your staff's uniforms are! If ever you have questions about how many items an employee turned in to be laundered, simply place a single phone call to our local office, where you will be quickly connected to your Customer Service Manager. A member of our staff will be able to immediately identify how many and which garments are currently in our facility for any given member of your staff. This program virtually eliminates unaccounted for inventory or lost garments. For garment identification outside of our facility, each garment also has a traditional ID tape heat sealed onto it with the wearer's first and last name. If the RFID tag becomes damaged or falls out, we still know who a uniform item belongs to.