How A Work Uniform Rental Service Works

Who's wearing work uniforms from Max I. Walker?

  • Creighton University
  • woodhouse uniform rental customer
  • h-and-h uniform rental customer
  • baxter uniform rental customer
  • edwards-auto-group
  • mcmullen-ford
  • Gregg Young
  • sid-dillon uniform rental customer
  • certified-transmission uniform rental customer
  • Truck Center Companies
  • Inland Truck Parts
  • Mama's Pizza
  • Jack Links
  • rotellas uniform rental customer
  • Village Pie Maker
  • palmers-candy
  • mi-mamas-tortillas uniform rental customer
  • westin-packaged-meats uniform rental customer
  • molex uniform rental customer
  • tommy-gate
  • patriot-crane-rigging
  • drake-williams-steel uniform rental customer
  • watkins-concrete
  • Agrivision
  • keim-farm-equipment
  • pharmgate-animal-health uniform rental customer
  • international-nutrition
  • independent-roofing-co
  • jim-hawk-trailers uniform rental customer
  • freightliner uniform rental customer
  • wicks-trucks uniform rental customer
  • tys-outdoor-power-and-service
  • u-pull-it
  • des-moines-flying-service uniform rental customer
  • duncan aviation uniform rental customer

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Why Max I. Walker?

There are others who do what we do. They're national companies, with no leadership presence in Nebraska, who care more about their shareholders and their bottom line than about customer service. We know this because we hear it frequently from customers who have switched to us from a national uniform company. We're independent. We're local. Our differentiator is our obesession with getting it right. Our customers are our only priority, and serving them is what we do. That's the Walker Way.

After you select which uniform items best meet your company’s needs, we will come to your location and individually measure each employee, to ensure a proper fit of all items.


Each employee is assigned 11 identical garments for each uniform item rented. Uniforms can have your company logo and/or name patches applied. Why 11 garments? 5 Garments In Your Business (1 for each day of the week) + 5 Garments Out (being cleaned at our laundry facility) + 1 Extra (what you are wearing).


Start of Week 1 — Your dedicated Route Service Representative delivers 6 sets of clean, hung uniforms to each employee. We can also deliver optional items like restroom supplies or floor mats at this time. Your rental items will be delivered/stocked on the same day each week.

The Work Week — Your employees look professional and consistent each day in comfortable, quality uniforms appropriate for their duties and industry. Our uniform items are made of durable fabric and have industry-specific features, ensuring they stand up to wear and tear.

Start of Week 2 — Your dedicated Route Service Representative returns with another week’s worth (5) of clean, hung uniforms, then takes the dirty ones from last week back to our facility, to be laundered and returned for next week’s swap. Ancillary items are also stocked or replaced.