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Why would you want to work here?

Max I. Walker is a company you’ll WANT to work for! We are a 106-year-old FAMILY owned small and local Omaha business. The Walker FAMILY cares about our employees. We treat them with respect. We value them. But you don’t have to take our word for it. You are welcome to ask the employees who have been on our team for 10, 20, 30 or even 40+ years!

If you’re tired of jobs where managers are only concerned with how much time, work or profit they can squeeze out of you, or who don’t care about your happiness or well-being, then it’s time to go after the career and the respect that you deserve with a company leadership team that is as invested in your success as you are.

Work for us because:

  • We are invested in your success: Weekly progress meetings with Casey Walker (5th generation owner). We’ll collaborate with you throughout your career, providing the resources you need, ensuring you have every opportunity to be successful here.
  • Open door policy: A comfortable, relaxed work environment is the core of the culture at Max I. Walker. You have direct access to meet with the owners of the company at any point to ask questions, give feedback or seek advice.
  • Daily sales support from a full-time Sales Coach: We have invested in this industry-leading resource to provide extensive one-on-one sales training and coaching to our sales staff. His job is to make you the absolute best sales representative you can be.
  • Ongoing team sales training: Whether you are brand new to sales or have decades of experience, we’ll provide ongoing enrichment training throughout your tenure to improve both your hard and soft skills.
  • Low-pressure family environment: We know that our team members are whole people with lives outside the office. We care about you both professionally and personally. It’s not only about sales goals with us.
  • Supportive service team: Our service team has the same goals as our sales staff, and we all collaborate to support one another and best serve our customers. They will deliver what you promise.
  • Tenure: Our account managers, service managers and production employees have been around for decades and have been promoted from within.
    In-house marketing department: We host regular meetings with our marketing director. This keeps our material fresh and relatable. Request new sales collateral material to support your unique sales style.
  • Free dry cleaning for the clothing you need to wear for work.
  • Flexible scheduling.

Talk is cheap. If you want to check for yourself, call these current employees to hear firsthand about working for Max I. Walker.

Service Manager: Curtis (402) 208-4022
Sales Consultant: Tom (531) 222-4064

Primary Responsibility

Using a "sales hunter" mindset to ultimately close new business through lead generation and nurturing. We are a uniform rental service, delivering clean work uniforms and ancillary items to 1,000 businesses weekly. Our business model is a long-term service agreement.

SALARY for very driven individuals can range from $67,000 to $100,000+ per year. You will be eligible to receive commissions on all sales you close, meaning unlimited earning potential.

Specific Duties

Find business leads in our service area who you believe would benefit from our products and services. Create and build a relationship with these leads, and the goal is to convert them into a customer with a long-term service agreement.
Hunter Sales Approach. You will be responsible for generating your own leads through networking, prospecting and cold calls.
Meet or exceed the sales goals we mutually agree upon, in an appropriate timeframe. We will provide you with ample resources, training and support to ensure you can hone your sales skills and that your goals are achievable.
Report the changing needs of our prospective Customers to management. Keep your pulse on the changing needs of our customers, and discuss that information with managers. Educate customers about new products or services we offer that they may have a need for, when applicable.
“Install” new accounts in person – this includes measuring employees for uniforms and on-boarding new customers at their service location. May require some travel.
Participate in in-office meetings. Examples of meeting purposes could be to collaborate with team members, provide a report on sales activities and pipeline status, complete continuing education, etc.
Be accountable for your time. You will prospect and attend sales meeting in the field, and work in the office to correspond and otherwise nurture leads, and complete your record-keeping.
Keep detailed records of your sales activities, prospects and their statuses, and pipeline in our CRM system, and report these stats to your manager on a regular basis.

Rental Sales Performance Goals

Weeks Employed → Weekly Sales Goals:

  • 0 to 13 weeks → $25.00
  • 14 to 26 weeks → $50.00
  • 27 to 39 weeks → $75.00
  • 40 weeks and longer → $100.00

Car & Cell Phone Allowance

Sales Persons will be given a car allowance of $475.00 and cell phone of $50.00 per month for the business use. Proof of insurance is required and all operating expenses are at the expense of the Employee. Should the salesperson need to travel outside of his/her assigned sales territory, a company car will be provided as needed.

Ready to Apply?

Email your resume to Casey Walker at [email protected].

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