Patriot Crane & Rigging
Patriot Crane & Rigging of Omaha/Lincoln Renews Contract As Max I. Walker Uniform Services Customer
September 15, 2022
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October 21, 2022

Corwin Toyota of Bellevue Signs Contract As Max I. Walker Uniform Services Customer

Corwin-Bellevue Dealership

20 Employees Outfitted with Specialized Auto Mechanic Uniforms

Facility Also Supplied with Max I. Walker Floor Mats & Towels

September 22, 2022

Max I. Walker Uniform Rental Service is pleased to announce that it has won the business of Corwin Toyota of Bellevue, and signed the company as a uniform rental services customer. Rental Program Developer Dana Welke facilitated the renewal process. Corwin Toyota switched their uniform rental company to family owned and locallly-operated Max I. Walker; they were previously a customer of Aramark, a national uniform services provider.

According to a Audrey, a Corwin Toyota employee, they were "continuously dealing with poor communication, shortages and lack of follow through in pretty much all areas from Aramark." She told Dana that Max I. Walker was initially brought up because they have multiple employees that have previously worked for other companies that we service. In addition to the influence from their own employees about who should service their uniforms, Corwin was in part conviced to switch over to Max I. Walker by our numerous customer testimonials and our perfect 5-star customer rating on Google.

The weekly deliveries are being serviced by Route Service Representative Bryan Kimble. Bryan, part of the team since 1998, will deliver floor mats and shop towels to Corwin Toyota's Bellevue location. The uniforms for this company are specially designed for their industry — we supply automotive workwear to 20 employees each week. Each week, Bryan delivers a week's worth of clean uniforms to the company locker room. At that same time, he retrieves the soiled items from the previous week, and these get laundered at Max I. Walker's state-of-the-art commercial laundry facility. Want to learn more about this process? Go to how uniform rental works.