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December 27, 2021
Manildra Group
Manildra Group of Hamburg, IA Becomes Max I. Walker Uniform Services Customer
August 25, 2022

American Machine Works of Omaha, NE Becomes Max I. Walker Uniform Services Customer

American Machine Works

9 Employees Will Be Supplied with Work Shirts, Work Pants & Uniform Jackets

April 6, 2022

Max I. Walker Uniform Rental Service announces that it has acquired American Machine Works as a new uniform rental services customer. Rental Development Director Tom Brouwer approached the fabrication and machining company to inquire about its unique employee uniform needs. Tom presented information about our company culture and history, inlcuding what makes us different from the national uniform suppliers. He and company representatives reached an agreement for services, and Max I. Walker Uniform Rental is now providing uniform items to the downtown Omaha based company.

This new partnership is especially meaningful, as both companies have been in business in Omaha for over 100 years. American Machine Works opened its doors in 1911, and Max I. Walker in 1917.

American Machine Works was previously contracted with a well-known national uniform services provider. Company President Jesse Espinosa said the reason they decided to switch to Max I. Walker Uniform Rental Service when their previous contract expired was our promise of superior service and customer experience.

"Unifirst has done a terrible job on delivering on what was promised. They also have lost a good amount of my team's jeans and I have guys having to re-wear jeans 2 or 3 times in a week," Jesse said.

The weekly deliveries will be serviced by Route Service Representative Bryan Kimble. Bryan will deliver work shirts, work pants and jeans, and uniform jackets each week, taking the soiled items from the previous week with them to be laundered at Max I. Walker's state-of-the-art commercial laundry facility. Want to learn more about this process? Go to how uniform rental works.